Basicshow - Peter Andersen

These popular events tend to be in the low-medium attendance category.

Accordingly, the basic show will default to Peter Andersen solo, multi-character performance with some tongue-in-cheek t i t i l l a t i o n.

A sound-artist works together with Peter Andersen, who is also the in-show DJ.

(If additional, professional DJ services are required he (she) will be your best choice, they come with the package and they are phantastic; spinning both theme-specific grooves and other, most in-demand dance styles. Extended DJ-hours will only slightly raise the price).

The Basic Peter Andersen Drag Show can be modified and extended – we are very flexible. Ask for specifics about the show, the themes, the performance options and we'll be glad to provide details and design the best to coordinate with your ideas to entertain your guests the most.

Hint: the first half of the the eternally classic movie Rocky Horror Picture Show is a riot-performance in Peters adaptation (which can include some of her own, specific numbers). It drags in everybody, it's playfully sexy - any all-girl crowd will love it. (But there are other options, too).

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