Partybands TO is a new Danish party band that occupies festivals, flea markets, large corporate parties, half ester and festivals with a musical and visual concept that is rarely seen as completed.

Concept Partybands supplies for a musical and visual show that is far beyond what is normal for a party band. With sponsors that include, among others OK Benzin, Volvo and Tulip has managed to create a truly impressive show in which the stage is built as a true truck-stop.

When Partybands play concert the audience will thus be greeted by a cab from a truck as drum podium, a diesel stand, a Coke machine, a hot dog stand and everything else belongs to any truckers favorite pitstop.

Not only are the visuals really nice and worked, also musically delivers Partybands a hit-material is top notch. The musicians are hand picked from the Danish music elite of the idea man and entertainer Rasmus Tanstrup which themselves stand in front on vocals and guitar. In him, the band has a charismatic driver that always delivers.

Repertoire-wise spans the band far and plays the greatest hits with old favorites like Queen, BeeGee's, Bruce Springsteen, Guns n 'Roses and DAD, new hits from Saybia and Jason Mraz - in the band's very own trucker versions. In other words, The bans stage to give the gas and make a party, and the stated goal of the band is to simply give people a musical and visual experience they will never forget.

For further information and prices Partybands are you free to call or send an email, see our Booking Enquiry, which you describe your event and we will come back with prices for the band is.